Lifestyle Designer

literally a designer of a way of life, a 'lifestyle'.
A designer who manages image and communication, planning and taking care of every detail of the clients image, whether they are private or companies.
A designer who can create beautiful and functional spaces in which to live and work.
A designer who can develop your ideas and build a harmonious and pleasant everyday environment.
A designer who can transform your company and products, building an emotional and psychological relationship with your customers.

Marica Savino Lifestyle Designer

A careful planner, capricious, full of intuition, with an interesting promise to make your everyday organised and harmonious.
Letting your imagination fly freely is one of the greatest feelings in the world, as such, the conceptualization and the art of visual communication has always been her more intrinsic passion.
Regardless of the size of the project, there is nothing more exciting than taking on the challenge to conceive new ideas, planning, plotting to the point of seeing them take off with success, in the hope that what has been created communicates and inspires.
So, Vivere ad Arte is the flying licence towards Art and Design.
(Marica Savino represents Art and Design style.

Vivere ad Arte Studio Design

With the collaboration of many Professionals, Vivere ad Arte is a workshop of ideas for developing many types of artefacts.
In this environment technique and project development have to share and communicate with a personal reality of aesthetic research.
These parallel activities have the same objective- to make each project a unique creative piece of work by implementing a continuous exchange of techniques and approaches, the famous "Project Management", a set of activities aimed at achieving the goals of a project, a 360* mixture of activities between traditional and hi tech where creativity and sytle are the key words.